Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Who are you? Where am I? What the hell is this place??" - Donna Noble, The Runaway Bride.

May as well jump right in. I'm Andie and he's Bill. Like Donna Noble and the Tenth Doctor, we're not a couple. We don't even live in the same state; in fact we've never met face to face. We met on line via my old gig at from which some of you may already know me. For six years, I wrote a weekly Walt Disney World travel advice column there as "Anita Answer". Bill is a professional cartoonist and writes a hilarious blog called, oddly enough, Bill White Cartoons . A few months back, I happened to mention in a couple of my columns that in addition to the Disney parks and resorts, I also happen to love the British Sci Fi series, Doctor Who, as does he. We started exchanging e-mails, often several times daily, which eventually led us to the idea for this blog. I also credit Bill with getting me hooked on 5" Doctor Who action figures and other toys, on which I gleefully and wantonly spend my retirement funds. I now own a huge TARDIS interior play set and a TARDIS that makes noise as it flies, several other DW toys, and some 40 5" figures. Ten of those are likenesses of the Tenth Doctor, who happens to be my favorite. I recently crossed off the Number One item on my personal bucket list when I met the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant, but that's a story for another day.
So, anyway, as people who know me well also know, I've digressed. By now you're asking yourself,"Does Cyberspace really need another Doctor Who blog, and why one from you two nutters? Are you really qualifed to write one?" Well, no, but seriously, has that ever stopped anyone from writing a blog before now? Just think about that! Here's the thing-- As the months progressed and we discussed at great length the phenom of fandom, and Doctor Who fandom in particular, we came to the conclusion that the world of DW Fandom is sadly lacking in humor, or humour depending on where the humo[u]rless fan happened to hail from. We are here to rectify that, as we intend to explore the lighter side of Who. Face it fans, there really is plenty of material to choose from, beginning with the cheesy sets, scenery-chewing acting and rubber monsters of the Classic shows right down to the wonderful wit that Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner injected into the glorious reboot of the series in 2005. 
Luckily for us, I like to write and he likes to draw (though he's a great writer as well, and I'm a rubbish artist,) so we're going to give this blog a whirl. Please bear with us as we organize. We're still in development, and at that "throw it all at the wall and see what sticks stage". Pardon my punctuation trespasses, as I'm flying without an editor this time. It doesn't at all help that I keep leaving town on various ventures and adventures, either, but we either get started now or we'll never get around to doing it. 
We welcome comments and suggestions; in fact, we're begging for 'em. 
Welcome to Regarding the TARDIS. 
 -Andie and Bill


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  2. "Does cyberspace really need another Doctor Who blog?"

    Add me to the list of "Heck, yeah, why not?" folks.

    And I especially love that drawing of you two peeking out of the TARDIS. :D

  3. Loving it, keep up the good work guys!!

  4. If Proust had drunk McEwan's he would have written a blog like this...

    Looks Great! Well done!

  5. Great start to what I'm sure will be a fantastic blog!

    And YES! Cyberspace does need another Who blog! :D

  6. Absolutely we need another Doctor Who blog! Congrats on the launch.

  7. This is GREAT! I can't wait for more!

  8. I'm pants at clever oneliners, especially when it involves using quotes and have great admiration for those who can do it. So I'd say since the evidence suggests you've got a talented gob, use it. It'll be a great read, I'm sure.

  9. The site looks like a real winner! I look forward to reading on a regular basis!

    Who needs two hearts when you've got two heads like yours!

    Great job you two!